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We help businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes thrive through innovation with digital products and services.

By developing our own products and applications, we strengthen open source communities that have the same goals as us.

At Emvelia we re-engineer overall experiences to achieve results that have never been scoped before.

we stand for

We are sector agnostic.

We minimise human intervention by automating human experience into more intelligent systems.

We build more sustainable, eco-friendly and energy efficient solutions that help protect the environment.

We believe in a world where humans leverage the possibilities of AI and other reactive technologies to make the world a safer place to live in.


To improve life
through technology.


Artificial Intelligence/
Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

We harness the power of AI and machine learning to deliver outcomes that make the world a better place for everyone.

Application Programming Interfaces

Application Programming Interfaces

We build scalable and secure APIs that connect to any device, machine or software.

Human Machine Interfaces

Human Machine Interfaces

From versatile touchscreens to intuitive joystick control, we create interfaces for humans to interact with machines.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

We improve interoperability, automation, control and data collection by building bridges to get machines talking to each other.

Web Apps & Marketplaces

Web Apps & Marketplaces

We take websites to the next level, creating cross-platform solutions that work seamlessly on all browsers and adapted to specific industries.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps

We develop unique codebases for hybrid applications with greater efficiency and scalability across all mobile devices.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Augmented & Virtual Reality

We blend the real and digital worlds to spark collaboration and interactivity across any industry through the power of enriched visual media.

Distributed Ledger Technology

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology

We help businesses improve transparency and data protection through DLT solutions.

Our Products
& Spin-outs

PaaS, Marketplace, Art & Design, NFT

Artlimes.com is the most innovative and highly curated global marketplace for Art, Design & NFT Collectibles.

Artlimes connects the Art World with NFT. We are making online retail for physical and NFT collectibles easy for artists, galleries and luxury retailers.
Healthcare, HealthTech, Wearables

24/7 real-time personal healthcare monitoring and support at home or outside.

Complete patient profiles with GPS and biometric data, offering patients remote healthcare assistance and monitoring by care teams, clinics, hospitals and organisations.
HydroSense & Hydro AIR&D stage
Maritime, Environmental, AI
A state-of-the-art, eco-friendly, energy efficient and fully autonomous AI aquadrone, built to solve the ongoing problem of surface waste, microplastics and dirty waters in ports, marinas and the open sea.
Preload.aiIn progress
SaaS, Search Engine Optimisation
Real-time, Single Page Application (SPA) server-side rendering engine for search engines, bots and humans. A SaaS platform for optimising page speed rendering and increasing SEO performance.


Κ.Α.Ε.Β. (I.C.A.C.)Production
HaaS & PaaS, Healthcare
Funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance, the Immediate Communication & Assistance Centre, also known in Greece as Κέντρο Άμεσης Επικοινωνίας & Βοηθείας (KAEB), is a state-of-the-art Hardware & Platform as a Service, implementing smart wearables and medical profiles to provide 24/7 Healthcare Support for Municipalities and their citizens.
DOMEEarly stage
PaaS, Finance, AI
A financing platform for new innovative businesses, connecting university students and alumni with angel investors and incubators.
Spatial QuotientProduction
Healthcare, AI
The solution has been deployed in hospitals in Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Turkey and the United Kingdom. It is a sensor-based positional system collecting real-time data used to analyse and optimise processes in healthcare using machine learning and other technologies.
Hearing Wellness, Sound & Acoustics
Mumbli enables people to be more productive and to be more connected through inclusive, attractive spaces that are grounded in innovative, accessible approaches to hearing wellness. We build IoT devices that connect people to spaces based on the live atmosphere, whilst giving businesses the ability to optimise and design their spaces for sound.
Atlas Copco Production
The Optimizer 4.0 is a state-of-the-art energy efficient touch-screen and remote browser-based control center for managing compressors and processing vast amounts of real-time data through complex UIs.
Media StromProduction
Online Retail

With over 125 stores across Greece, Media Strom is the largest maker and retailer for mattresses. They create sophisticated sleep systems that combine passion, experience, know-how, science and advanced technology.

We developed a complete multilingual online store experience that starts online and finishes in a store.
Marketplace Demo
A fully responsive, functional, Reaction Commerce demo theme.
Sea Ergon MarineProduction

Sea Ergon is a key player in the fields of fire automation, navigation, intercommunication and shipbuilding sales for the marine market of Greece.

A complete Content Management System (CMS) built in Drupal.
Love JeansProduction

love Jeans is a vibrant brand delivering up to the minute fashion for style-conscious women everywhere.

A custom website for LoveJeans, showcasing its online catalog and all retailers in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.

We've worked with


Official Hellenic Representative for HEROTECH8, Drone-In-A-Box Technology

Bringing to Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans, the best British drone technology for Autonomous Inspection in Construction, Surveillance with Computer Vision and Unmanned Medical Equipment Transfer.

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