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“Greek Tech Arriving on the Global Arena”
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February 3/2022 by The Port Global
Vradini, GR (Article)
“Artlimes: A global alternative art platform”
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December 11/2020 by Vradini
Real News, GR (Article)
“Article in Real News newspaper, in Realmoney section”
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January 26/2020 by Real News
StarX, GR (TV Interview)
“Artlimes on StarX show Greece in our Heart”
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January 8/2020 by Babis Petrakis
Stores Magazine, US (Article)
“Opening Doors, Online Marketplaces are Comforted by Flexible Platforms”
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November 1/2018 by M.V. GREENE
TV Nea (Press Release)
“The Most Innovative Global Art Platform Opens its Offices in Athens, Greece”
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May 31/2017 by
PR Web (Press Release)
“Artlimes Launches Innovative New Online Marketplace for Buyers and Sellers of Fine Art”
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May 10/2017 by PR Web
Reaction Commerce (Article)
“Meet Lorenzo Campanis, CEO of Artlimes”
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May 10/2017 by Reaction Commerce

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